The Offset Network encourages the use of previously created and already approved protocols to limit the burden of work and increase the speed of project development. However, if the project under develop does not fit with any existing protocols but meets the principles of a high quality offset, it may be appropriate to consider developing a new offset protocol.



Approved GHG Market or Program Protocols

The GHG programs below are the first places to search for the appropriate protocol for your project. Follow the links below to GHG program sites for the identification and selection of appropriate project protocols. Searching across different GHG programs, you will likely come across multiple protocols for the same project type with different requirements. Deciding which protocol to apply is an important decision as it will inform the entirety of your project. It is recommended that you review all of the existing protocols for your project type prior to selecting on for your project. Select the protocol that you can follow given your capacity and resources, while maintaining the highest possible standards for project calculation certainty.

If none of the approved GHG market or program protocols cover your project type, or can be fulfilled given your level of internal capacity or resource availability, then it may be appropriate to use a protocol developed by a peer institution or to create your own.



Offset Network Developed Protocols

You are not the first to go through this process! Take advantage of existing institutional offset protocols within the Offset Network and feel free to use these protocols to qualify projects that are local local and innovative projects.



Develop your own Protocol

Establishing your own offset protocol makes sense when you cannot find a protocol that fits your project type, or if your project differs drastically in terms of scale. The guidance materials for developing your own protocol are still being created.  Use the Get Involved page to get in touch with us regarding the protocol you are thinking of developing and we will help you achieve your goals.